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Planetary gearbox used in rotary disk driller

Wednesday - 07/02/2018 09:34
Turntable rig mostly used in the project and unlike other high-precision engineering machinery. The turn rig in the construction process, needing rotary speed is not high, thus requiring a greater reduction ratio.
Planetary gearbox used in rotary disk driller
Currently the majority of mountain rotary turntable rig chain to achieve a longer deceleration.
A mechanical transmission chain cumbersome machinery is Low failure and more efficient use of noisy machine performance instability and other shortcomings. Market demand for the current and potential demand, simplify the turntable rig mechanical transmission chain, application gear ratio to achieve compact, small size, high efficiency single-stage transmission 9699, and other characteristics of the planet gear, effect next hill I plant in a timely manner to push the new on behalf of the 132 type 1 turn rig, the planetary gear 132 through the rotary rig used to achieve the desired design effect.
Planetary gears in the machinery manufacturing industry, increasingly expect high power transmission efficiency in a smaller structure size and quality are the conditions and the use of the Office of the star wheel system can satisfy this requirement. Compared with the fixed planetary gear drive gear axis, with a small volume light weight carrying capacity transfer power range high efficiency and smooth operation big advantages.
Refers to the planetary gear train in the transmission, gear train has a gear or two to axis of rotation.
As can be seen from a planetary gear train planetary gear reducer hereinafter referred uniformly distributed plurality of planetary wheels in the center of the wheel circumference can be used. In this way, you can make several planetary wheel to share the load, to reduce the size of the gear, while you can make each of engagement scale, in order to reduce the force of the main bearing, increase operation stability.
In addition, the power transmission with planetary gearbox, almost all within laugh together, thereby improving the utilization of space, and the input shaft and the output shaft in a curve so radial star gearhead very tight ten-foot village, I plant self-developed series reducer for drilling rig drive chain transmission efficiency and low complexity shortcomings, the reducer with unlimited life design principle, cast iron ball difficult. Casting shell.
Ten secret design, the direct injection of lubricating oil from the oil filler, simple and convenient; the sun gear and the planetary gears are made of special materials after quenching carburizing hardening grinding process, input and output shaft bearing using strength and toughness, increased resistance to abrasion, extending the life; using computer simulation test design, rigidity of the material requirements and gap control, were fully optimized design, all digital measurement and control, thus obtaining high positioning accuracy tight tolerances, plus skilled professional processing gear experience and reliable technology and equipment and testing equipment to ensure that gear noise generated Lu minimize improve precision engagement and transmission efficiency.

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